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Elgin Money Clip Watch (1951)

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elgin money clip watch
money clip watch
elgin money clip
elgin 6312

Elgin Money Clip Watch (1951)

A rare and unusual money clip / watch combo produced by Elgin in the early 1950s

This is a hard-to-find example of the Elgin Money Clip Watch — and this one is in Excellent condition.

This piece was produced by Elgin in 1951. It’s a numbered and signed Elgin model (Model 6312). The Money Clip Watch appears to have been produced for one year only and in limited quantities. Good examples are very hard to find.

The clip and the watch show few signs of wear. The case is 10K yellow gold filled and was manufactured for Elgin by Wadsworth. There is no brassing or wear through on the watch case or the money clip itself. The dial — with the unique dollar sign ($) markers — is in Excellent condition with no spotting or discoloration. The hands and the crystal are also in Excellent condition.

The movement is Elgin 17 jewel 662 calibre movement — a movement typically used by Elgin for the line of ladies’ watches. You can wind and set the watch easily and it is running well and keeping good time.

Note that this watch has not been serviced while in our possession and we do not know the service history of this piece. While it is running well and keeping good time now we do advise all vintage watch owners to have their watches regularly serviced to assure the longest enjoyment.

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