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Dueber-Hampden “Man O’ Fashion” (1929)

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dueber hampden wrist watch

Dueber-Hampden “Man O’ Fashion” (1929)

Classic early wrist watch from the 1920s. Restored to its original glory.

I’m a big fan of the Dueber Hampden wrist watches. These watch models were manufactured for only a brief period of time — during the period when the watch case maker Dueber had acquired the watch manufacturer Hampden. For a few years only, the company’s products bore the hybrid “Dueber-Hampden” brand. That period of time coincided with the rise of the pocket watch in American society. Dueber-Hampden responded with a line of very stylish and innovative models. This example is a model known as the “Man O’Fashion” and it was produced in 1929.

We’ve restored this watch to new original condition. It has a serviced movement and the dial has been professionally refinished. The watch is, in all other regards (except the band!) original. We’ve made a real effort to refinish this correctly, not simply re-work it.

Check the gallery for a photo of a period Dueber-Hampden catalog image showing this model. Note that it retailed for $50 in 1929. In constant dollars, that would be well over $1,000 today! This was a premium product and was built to fit the bill.

The Man O’Fashion sported one of the earliest curved back wrist watch cases and the case was a work of art. The bezel is beautifully carved and the entire case was crafted of 14K white gold filled metal. (They also made a 14K green gold filled model.) This is a hinged case and is all original.

Note the lumed dial and the cathedral hands. The dial on this watch has been professional re-finished to match the original specifications. As this is recent work, the lume on this watch is actually useful! The hands are all original.

The movement is a classic Hampden 15 jewel, commonly known as the Canton. This movement was serviced in June of 2014 and the watch winds, sets and runs. it keeps good time and has good reserve.

We’ve added a nice high quality leather band to the watch, making it ready to wear.

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